January 01, 2006

Meals of 2005

Happy 2006! and good eating to all of you.

I also promise to blog more here! and to finally at some point make time to do a bit of a redesign and get away from this bland Blogger template.

My best (and unblogged!) restaurant meals of 2005 were:

Roast grouse at the River Cafe for my birthday in October. Always, always, so good.

Late-ish supper at St John Bread and Wine this December, with a group in gaudy fetish-wear at the next table while we were in filthy jeans and t-shirts having run out from repainting my flat, alongside the Miyake-clad of the Hoxton art scene. Epitomising, to me, what is so fantastic about the spirit of this restaurant - it caters for all of us equally. I'm really lucky to have it as my neighbourhood joint.

And many, many fantastic American diner meals all over the country. Special thanks to Waffle House for a great year.


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